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Good or bad. Technology is here to stay. The impact on the role of a salespeople will be determined by how company leadership uses it. It could create greater barriers for customers, we have all experienced that, or aid in the development of selling skills. Probably not as common. How can technology through gamification and microlearning contribute to our ever presence and existing greatness? Close your laptops, unmute yourself and tune in as Bill and Scott are joined by our Guest: Kristen Taraszewski to discuss The Gamification of Training and other great ideas on episode 482 of the Winning at Selling Podcast.
First impressions last a life time. When you make a good first impression with your business, people will remember that and they'll want to work with you and recommend you to others. Think back to a trip you made to a restaurant and how the waitress treated you. Was she friendly from the beginning? Maybe she sat down in the booth beside you, chatted a bit, and then took your order. When she brought your food did she refill your drinks without asking? Did she bring you more bread before you ran out?