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As a sales comes to it's culmination the buyer may ask for concessions – often a lowering of price. What is the salesperson to do? Hold her ground and maintain the price and the profitability or find some way to respond positively to the buyer’s request? Should negotiation play a part in the salesperson’s tool kit or is it an invitation for price cutting? Scott and Bill believe we have very different points of view on this topic, so let’s see there are some fireworks as we discuss Negotiation Training for Salespeople: Point-Counterpoint. All that and more on episode 426.
There truly is an art, and a skill to closing a sale with a prospective customer. Often, the tools needed are not taught to new sale representative, and they must learn by trial and error, which can lead to a marked decrease in successful sales. The difference between a good sales experience and a bad one can mean all the difference. If you want the experience that you provide your prospective client to be beneficial to both of you, start with these very simple tips.