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What goes into the process of making decisions? How do people decide? Often it is the criteria, the context and the contrast. Do you know the process your prospect goes through in making decisions? Join Bill and Scott as we discuss the decision-making process and other great ideas on episode 469 of the Winning at Selling Podcast.
Chances are you remember the hall of fame rock band called The Who. In the song, Peter Townsend echoed an idea that has rung true for many of us when he said, “I don’t have to fight to prove I’m right.” How many of us have thought that at one time or another? Unfortunately, that idea, that confidence isn’t always at the forefront during our sales presentations. All too often, we try to prove that the customer or the prospect is mistaken. Whatever happened to the idea that the customer is always right? It’s true; sometimes the urge to prove that I am right has overtaken my good sense to focus on the client.