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So, you call yourself a sales professional! And that might be true, in that you get paid to do what you do. But are you at the top of your game or are you satisfied to play at an amateur level. We know that professional athlete’s practice and exercise so that on game day they can be the very best, the most elite of those who play the sport. Shouldn’t we strive for that level of competence in our sales careers? So light your torches and pull up your tights as Scott and Bill discuss on How You Sell – Keys to Professional Behavior and much more on episode 434 of Get In The Door Podcast.
In one of Steve's favorite books, The Five Major Pieces To The Life Puzzle, author Jim Rohn spends an entire chapter on attitude. I would like to share the ideas and principles he shares in the book, so you can begin to understand the importance of talents, assets, and attitude as you approach your business. The bottom line is this. Having the right attitude is essential for success and happiness. It is a major factor in how our lives turn out. We don’t just need a healthy attitude about the present and future, but also about the past. One of the things that can stop us from recognizing our gifts and talents is a poor attitude about our self. How we feel about ourselves is a matter of choice. Our attitude is a product of the decisions and choices we have made based on the information and knowledge we have acquired.