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Instant Sales Academy is the ultimate asset to help you grow the people who grow your profits; a resource to guide your sales team through the development of key skills and disciplines necessary to drive more sales.

Instant Sales Academy integrates learning in a whole new way. It offers complete flexibility that allows team members to learn what they want to learn, where they want to learn and how they learn best. We’ve refined a three-component process that can be tailored to individual needs by selecting one, two, or all three components to acquire the skills to evolve into sales winners. Increase sales, expand profits, and obtain outstanding results; enroll your team now with the Instant Sales Academy!

Instant Sales Training Instant Sales Training can be delivered in a Workshop, Webinar, TeleSeminar or Keynote format. See Program Descriptions for more detailed information.

Our unique training format is highly interactive and applies to every participant, regardless of skill level or learning style. Throughout the training, participants create detailed strategies and tactics tailored to their unique selling situations. Participants leave Instant Sales Training with a clear action plan for implementing the most effective sales ideas and best practices which will dramatically increase the number of sales opportunities.

Instant Sales Coaching Instant Sales Coaching is perfect for any salesperson who wants to take their performance to the next level with support and feedback from The Prospecting Expert!

One isn’t born knowing how to sell. It’s a craft, a method, a skill. And sometimes, we need someone to share those “insights” with us, tell us where we are going wrong, and how to get to that next level. Our Sales Coaching goes beyond traditional coaching or mentoring. We reinforce learning through practice, application and continuous improvement regardless of skill level or learning style. We provide salespeople with a solid foundation for developing and maintaining the disciplines necessary to be more confident which ultimately drives more sales.

Instant Sales Meeting Instant Sales Meeting is designed to provide your sales team with ideas that inspire, encourage and empower them to take their sales to the next level.

Think of Instant Sales Meeting as the best sales coach your team has ever had with over 30 years of sales and prospecting experience. Each month Steve will provide only the best, most useful sales tactics and strategies that he has developed. Your sales team will be highly motivated and focused to drive more sales.

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