Instant Sales Training

Instant Sales Training

Bring Steve to Your Organization or Next Sales Event

Whether you have a large group or a small team, want on-site training or need to deliver programs to multiple locations simultaneously, Steve has a variety of formats and delivery capabilities to allow your sales team to learn when and where they want to learn.

Instant Sales Training can be delivered in a Workshop, Webinar, TeleSeminar or Keynote format.

Keynotes are a great way to engage your audience — in your event and with each other. Steve’s keynotes are informative, interactive, and offer insight guaranteed to have your audience thinking differently about how they handle their sales efforts. Keynotes run 60 – 90 minutes.

Workshops offer a more in-depth study experience, including exercises, hands-on interaction and analysis of actual recorded sales calls. Workshops run 90 minutes up to three hours.

Our exclusive collection of actual Sales Calls allows each participant the opportunity to hear the worst, and learn from the best practices of others. Our proprietary Sales Tools also transform complex sales problems into simple step-by-step strategies. Each call or tool has been designed to tactically approach every prospecting call or specific sales situation.

You and your sales team can expect to learn the top sales and prospecting tactics that Steve has developed, implemented, refined and personally tested with more than 1,000,000 (yes, that’s one MILLION!) sales and prospecting calls.

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