#105: How To Motivate Your Prospects To Call You Back


In this week’s show I talk with Dan Boike, one of my listeners on the show, who has a real sales challenge. He is struggling with voicemail and is trying to motivate his prospects to call him back. I take Dan through a simple exercise to help him create a powerful voicemail message that will motivate his prospects to call him back. Don’t miss the show!

This week’s Sales Nugget: Stay out of “Voicemail Hell” by creating a powerful “Unique Message” that motivates your prospect to call you back.

This week’s Resource: Purple Cow. Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable by Seth Godin.

This week’s Quote: “The definition of madness is doing what you have always done, but expecting a different result.” ~ Albert Einstein

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  • Julie W

    Enjoyed this episode – currently working on my unique message!

    • Thanks Julie. I am happy to hear you enjoyed the show. Have an awesome day!