Call Reluctance Transformer

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Do you experience sales call reluctance?

How often do you find yourself:

  • Checking email
  • Paperwork
  • Research

80% of new sales people fail because of sales call reluctance. Don’t become a statistic. Click Here and learn more!

Instant Sales Tactics

Instant Sales Tactics | Click Here to Learn More

Great Salespeople Use Proven Sales Tactics

Ready to focus on your success with time-tested sales tactics?Ready to jump start your personal sales with tactics that really work?

Proven sales tactics delivered to your email address on a weekly basis…for only $10 a month and you can cancel at any time!

  • Proven sales tactics
  • Tips and hints to focus your sales efforts
  • Best practices from great salespeople
  • Simple tools to energize your sales efforts

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Instant Sales Call

Instant Sales Call | Click Here to Learn More

Jumpstart Your Sales Career!

Each week you will have an opportunity to listen to ACTUAL SALES CALLS made by real sales people with real sales problems.

With Steve Kloyda, The Prospecting Expert, as your coach and teacher you will learn what NOT to do and WHAT TO do from the BEST PRACTICES available anywhere for making sales calls.

This is the only resource of it’s kind!!

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Magnetic Selling Strategies Workbook

Magnetic Selling Strategies

The Magnetic Selling Strategies Workbook is a detailed step-by-step guide to increasing sales in your business. Steve Kloyda, The Prospecting Expert, takes you through 8 modules, including The Unique Message Creator, The Target Profile, The Tool Maximizer and The Tactics Guide to teach you how to customize your sales strategies. Use the specialized, full-color tools and activities to give you an active playing field to create everything from your target market analysis to a detailed social media marketing strategy.

This workbook is your guide to teach you to master your selling strategies and take your business to the next level.

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